Dragon Ball Super… Figures that saves you the best moments of your favorite characters!

Dragon Ball Super is a Japanese manga and anime series produced by Toei Animation that complements the original manga created by Akira Toriyama.

It presents to you a set of original action figures produced by the Japanese company Bandai, in a Spacetoon costume. You can collect your favorite characters and get the best figures, exclusively from ToyPro.

Notable Characters:

  •   Goku: A strong warrior with a humorous personality, but in battles, he rages to be the strongest, but no matter how competitive he is, he does not kill his opponent. He always considers his opponent a competitor and not an enemy.
  •   Vegeta: A strong warrior, quick to anger and irritate, does not bear patience, does not like to mix with others, and seeks to be the strongest of the Saiyan warriors.
  •   Frieza: An evil fighter and a treacherous deceiver, who has several stages of strength and always seeks to dominate the planet.

Do not miss the opportunity to get the distinctive Dragon Ball characters with their wonderful transformations to immortalize the most wonderful moments of your favorite characters.

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