The Moshaya Family

Moshaya family… Live YouTube fun at your home.

It was originally an Arabic YouTube channel has the popularity of the channel and fame to be the first channel in the Arab world and the Middle East in terms of channels on YouTube and views, which achieved more than 16 million and more than 9 billion of viewers because of its diverse family content and their fun adventures.

On December 19, 2020, the Moshaya family got an animation of a 2D animated series with a collaboration with the Spacetoon channel.

And today you can check out the distinguished group of Moshaya’s distinctive products from ToyPro Company.

Impress your friends with unique tricks and funny pranks and let the cheerful Moshaya ‘s family fun enter your home.

Tricks Box

Pranks Box

Silk Thru Mirror Magic Trick

Spin Bank

Fart Horn

Color Light Up Thumb

Flower Bag Magic Trick

Surprise Potato Chip

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