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Pinky Promise Gemmy Friends

Pinky Promise Gemmy Friends: The Perfect Blend of Friendship and Fun!

Welcome to the charming world of Pinky Promise Gemmy Friends in ToyPro! Dive into a world where friendship is celebrated, imagination knows no bounds, and every moment is filled with joy, these charming toys are not just playthings; they are companions that bring creativity, encourage empathy, and bring smiles to faces for young girls.

Meet the Pinky Promise Gemmy Friends

Queen Promise:

she is the queen of the world of Pinky Promise, she is the kindest and most honest queen of all, she has never broken a promise in her life.


As part of the Royal family, Lulu is one of Queen Promise’s best friends, she loves spreading love at all hours.

Vera Velvet:

She is our little princess, she is little shy, so find her will be more difficult but you will be very lucky when you take her with you.


She and Bonnie are special gems on a mission “no promises were left unfulfilled”, and when they are together her power is unbreakable.


she and Hunny are special gems on a mission “no promises were left unfulfilled”, and when they are together her power is unbreakable.


Nana is a real fashion victim, loves to go shopping with her friends, as long as there is no promise to keep.

Cotton Berry:

Soft and bitter at the same time could be the best definition of Cotton Berry, sometimes it’s good to be in bad mood, it’s not bad thing.

Miss Night:

Sweet and loving, she is one of the many unicorn gems that runs along the Pinky Promise universe.

Celebrating Friendship with Pinky Promise!

At the core of Pinky Gemmy Friends is the celebration of friendship. Each character embodies the values of kindness, loyalty, and compassion, teaching children the importance of empathy and cooperation. Whether they’re embarking on imaginary quests or sharing secrets, these lovable companions remind us that true friendship knows no bounds.

Collect Pinky Promise Friends All:

With a diverse range of characters to choose from, collecting Pink Friends is a delightful adventure in itself! Whether you’re drawn to the gentle nature of Blossom Bunny or the whimsical charm of Stardust Unicorn, there’s always a new friend to add to your collection.

Join us in celebrating the magic of friendship and fun with Pinky Promise Gemmy Friends! From their adorable designs to their interactive features, these toys are sure to capture the hearts of girls and adults alike.
So why wait? Start your adventure with Pinky Promise Gemmy Friends today and discover a world where friendship truly shines!