HayatiGirl… because every girl has her own beauty, choose the one that looks like you and share the fun with her.

HayatiGirl, every girl’s bestfriend. It’s a collection of distinctive dolls created by ToyPro and launched in 2018.

HayatiGirl is a doll characterized by its modern dresses and high-quality accessories that emulate the most beautiful international fashion brands, with a size of 18 inches, embodies Arab values and culture. Its rich content, beautiful songs, and interesting stories contributed to the success of her brand and its popularity among the girls of the Arab world.

  • Jeedah: She likes fashion, and has a bold characterization. She is creative, patient, active, and complete whatever she started. She is the perfect girl for you if you are a fashion lover.
  • Sandy: Reading is her passion, and she is a persistent hard-working girl, and shy sometimes. Writing helps her to express her feelings. If you love reading and writing, Sandy is your best choice.
  •  Ameera: She loves sports, especially horse riding. Interested in eating healthy food. She is very social and has a strong personality, and her positive energy affects everyone who meets her.
  • Siba: She adores adventures and loves to travel around the world and discover new places. She loves imagination and writes exciting stories. If you love adventures, then go ahead and share it with her.
hayati girl

Want To Know More Cool Stuff About Hayati Girl

click here to visit our official hayati girl website

Want To Know More Cool Stuff About Hayati Girl

click here to visit our official Hayati Girl website

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