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Laser X… live the fun of video games in real life.

Laser X provides you with fun and entertainment that can be done either indoors or outdoors, alone or with your friends. You can blast your opponent’s receiver from up to 400 feet away. The laser gaming set features full-color lighting effects that let you keep track of shots and hits. It also has an interactive voice coach that gives feedback and tips during the game to help you out. You can even plug in headphones and hear the soundtrack and sound effects. This unit is compatible with all other Laser X sets. You have the option to play as a team or as an individual. This can provide all of the fun you need, and today ToyPro Company offers you a great chance to have its special products.

You can choose one of these products:

  1. Revolution: It has a Red team, Blue team, and Rogue team. When the team selection is set to Rogue mode for Revolution Blaster, you can select any color you want, and once the color is selected, it cannot be changed during the game. The reloading system is easy, just slide the top to reload. The shooting range is 300’/ 90m.
  2. Evolution: Equips 2 players, Shooting range is 300′ / 90m, Color lighting effects, Color change dial, Game life Indicator, Receiver, and Quick slide reload.
  3. ProjeX Projecting:
  •   3 different target images (Duck, Target, UFO).
  •   5 Built-in-games; no TV screen or sensors needed! Simulated “laser” for accuracy.
  •   6 shot capacity; second blaster for 2 player game.
  •   Target images are projected on any light-colored wall; digital sound effects and led scoring display.
  •   3 ways to play: Solo, Head to Head, and Co-op.

Projection Game Arcade

Revolution Double Blaster

Evolution Sports Blaster

Evolution Blaster

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