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HayatiGirl and Hello Kitty

HayatiGirl and Hello Kitty are collaborating to introduce a new fashion line to give little girls the chance to try a new experience in the fashion world!

And to start off with this collaboration let’s take a look at:

How HayatiGirl took over little girls’ hearts!

HayatiGirl dolls are one of ToyPro’s top brands and the most loved ones!

Sandy, Siba, Jeddah, and Amira, are a group of cute girls, who represent HayatiGirl dolls.

Little girls can choose the dolls’ dresses, from the wide collection range, and accessories, they can also enjoy singing Hayati’s amazing songs!

Let’s welcome Hello Kitty to HayatiGirl’s world!

HayatiGirl X Hello Kitty announce their 1st collaboration!

“You can never have too many friends” – is what Hello Kitty always says.

Our beloved brand HayatiGirl is collaborating with the adorable Hello Kitty to introduce a new line of fashion!

Little girls will be so excited to try the trendiest dresses, and dive into a new experience in the fashion world with this new collaboration!

Are you ready to take a look at the trendiest collection?

Let’s take a look into the new world of fashionable dresses and accessories from HayatiGirl and Hello Kitty!
Starting with:

Sandy and her beautiful Hello Kitty dress:

Red dress combined with the character of Hello Kitty, and her adorable matching shoes.

Siba’s creamy Hello Kitty dress:

Is decorated with beautiful flowers and the most beautiful addition is the Hello Kitty character.

 Hello Kitty pajama set:

Little girls will also be able to enjoy the incredible new Hello Kitty pajama set, with many different accessories. In other words, fans can have the best sleepover with their favorite friends and favorite pajama set!

HayatiGirl and Hello Kitty fashion set:

They will also get to experience the elegance and beauty of the Hello Kitty fashion set, with the adorable yellow dress decorated with the cuteness of Hello Kitty, hair loops, an adorable donut container, and many more!

HayatiGirl and Hello Kitty
HG & Hk

You will never be able to get enough of these incredible dolls and their amazing new dresses.
For all Hello Kitty and HayatiGirl lovers, this collaboration is for you with the most adorable collection.