High-quality safe materials to make imagination come true without any fear or worry.

DohTime is a high-quality product that competes with international brands’ safe modeling dough product that comes in a variety of colors with lots of accessories to choose from. The creative possibilities are endless! It was created by ToyPro Company and was launched in 2017. With it, kids can bring their imagination to life. The compounds and colors used are very high quality and 100% safe for your children.

It comes in different colors and accessories, providing your kids with endless play value. Enjoy our products like Single Can, Fun Pack, 5 Colors Dough, Tube Party Pack, and many of its other products and fly with your imagination.

Make your own colors!

Imagine, Enjoy and Create!

Delicious Cookies

Stamping letter pack

Delicious Sushi

Want To Know More Cool Stuff About DohTime

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Want To Know More Cool Stuffs About our doughs?

click here to visit our official DohTime website

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