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HayatiGirl New Dresses

It’s time to dress up with the trendiest collection!

Now you can match up your dress with your favorite HayatiGirl doll.

Hayati fans will be turning heads with the new HayatiGirl dresses!
Little girls will not only look great but feel great too! At the same time, fans will get the chance to live the experiment of wearing Hayati Girl dolls styles in different designs, colors, and sizes. Easy and perfect to wear anywhere!!

Wear as your HayatiGirl wears.

Let’s get to know this fashionable collection!

Blue Floral Dress

Shine in the sky with a blue dress. It is printed with blue flowers, puff sleeve tops, and rounded collars.

Green Floral Dress:

Girls will enter a new world, full of flowers with a new fancy dress. It is printed with red and blue flowers. It has puff sleeves tops, and rounded collars.

Red Party Dress

Girls will shine with this beautiful red dress and they will be fashionable with the HayatiGirl doll. This bright red dress with breathable multi-layer designs made up of two gathered panels, and short sleeves.

Bow Pink Dress

With this amazing dress, girls will shine with this light pink dress and pinky bowknot. It is made up of two gathered panels and short sleeves.


Blue Floral Dress

HayatiGirl new dresses

Green Floral Dress

Red Party Dress

Bow Pink Dress

HayatiGirl & Hello Kitty, what’s behind them?

You can now wear the adorable HayatiGirl & Hello Kitty styles. Let’s recognize our girly fashionable styles:

HelloKitty Face Pattern Dress:

Red HelloKitty Dress:

Floral HelloKitty Dress:

Girls will live in HelloKitty world. They can sparkle with their friends and their beloved Kitty. The dress is patterned with its face and pinky bowknot. It is made of two gathered panels, and short sleeves.

New red dress with Hello Kitty pattern. It is made of two gathered panels, short puff sleeves, and rounded collars. You will brighten up with this amazing dress!

Stunning dress with HelloKitty face, printed with colorful flowers. It is with puff sleeves tops, and rounded collars.


In HayatiGirl planet, more styles, more fashion, and more colors. Choose what’s your favorite dress and make some changes to your look. Don’t miss these adorable outfits.