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Wubble Ball

Wubble Bubble Ball

New Astonishing Bubble Ball! What is it?

It is the Amazing Wubble Bubble Ball that was launched in 2014. It has gained many awards and quickly has become a global family fun toy and sports activity toy. Therefore, millions of Wubbles have been sold worldwide and because of their fantastic and entertaining use, kids can play with their families and their friends. Indeed, you can play it on your own or in a group of its flexible soft material, you can blow it and play it whatever and wherever you want!

Lots of items are waiting for you from the Wubble Bubble ball brand?

Wubble Bubble Ball has multiple sizes and colors, choose your preference, start playing, and enjoy hours of squishy, bouncy fun. For instance, you can kick it, whack it, throw it, bounce it — even sit on it! It is made from revolutionary Xpandium and it comes with a brand-new valve for super easy inflation!
Happily, you can choose whether to play with your friends by using the two packs or to play with your own. It’s fun to play indoors or outdoors, all year round.
So now, is the right time to join this world and seek the items and their features.

Wubble Bubble Ball Items:

Super Wubble

The Super Wubble bubble ball is designed to be blown up with your mouth! Just blow into the patented, Self-sealing valve – or you can use almost any pump you have.

Super Wubble is up to four times stronger and more tear-resistant than the original Wubble, unlike other balls, it’s super soft, lightweight, and engineered to be gentle. In addition, there are 4 colors which you can buy the color that you like.

Wacky Wubble

It looks like a Bubble and plays like a ball-and now it has prickly, tickly spikes!

Wacky Wubble Bubble ball with silly spikes that wiggle; jiggle, move and sway as you play; creating the illusion that it’s alive!


Groovy Wubble

Or you can name it Rainbow Wubble and play with the brightened sporty toy. Wubble is taking a walk on the wild side!
Now with a new valve for easier inflation, use your lungpower or standard battery-operated pump to inflate!
All right! Multiple colorful balls that you can try with your colleague, as no two balls are exactly alike!
Kick it, whack it, throw it, and bounce it!


Wubble Comet

Wubble Comet puts on a cosmic show! You can activate the LED lights, and watch a super cool light show as you kick, toss, and catch your Wubble! Lights reactivate each time they sense motion. It streaks through the air, glowing blue with a shimmering light tail.
Now is the right and delightful time to play this brilliant game.

Fun is surly guaranteed with our amazing Wubble Bubble Balls.